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Here is a spot for you to post your comment about Wendy’s artwork that she created for you.

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  1. Wendy is an amazing artist. She has painted dozens of colauges for me and my family. Her style is very unique and fun.

  2. Wendy is amazing! She has done so many paintings and murals for my family. She make them so life-like.

  3. I cannot say enough about Wendy Dimick Smith. She has painted many pictures, clocks and murals for me! She has helped me to do some random acts of kindness in painting photos to give the paintings to friends. That was so amazing to share her talent with my friends in giving a gift. She painted a collage for my parents, when my brother died in TWO DAYS! She did an amazing job, she was truly inspired.

  4. The only art work that I have in my home is done by Wendy Dimick Smith! She has done amazing collages of my family over the years along with a huge clock she painted for my home and work office. Wendy is the most talented artist I know and I would recommend her artwork to everybody. She is so fun to work with and will make whatever art depiction you want, come to life. You will not be disappointed. Keep up the great work Wendy.

  5. We commissioned a Wendy to do a family portrait, but had her take out my wife & I, she replaced us with Jesus Christ & she added at the bottom “BEHILD YOUR LITTLE ONES.”
    The setting was in the red rocks of St. George Utah… (where we live), it is one of our prized possessions to this day!
    The size of this painting is 5 feet wide by 3-1/2 feet tall…
    It is spectacular & depicts exactly what my wife & Iceanted in our home!
    We recommend Wendy as one of the most talented & desirable artists in the West!
    Please feel free to reach out to us as a reference for Wendy!
    She has done other picture drawings & paintings since we commissioned her on this project mentioned above.
    She is the best!
    Bret & Micheline

  6. There’s not enough room on here for me to post all the good I have to say about Wendy!! I lost my sister back in February of 2014 unexpectedly. The family was absolutely devastated. knowing of Wendy’s gift that God gave her, I reached out to her and ask her to draw up some kind of comforting sketch for my mother. When I received the sketch I could literally feel the love that Wendy put into it!!! Dawn’s picture hangs on my mother’s wall today! And her spirit dwells in all of our hearts. Wendy I thank you and I thank God for giving you that precious gift!!

  7. Wendy is TOTALLY Amazing!!! She has done such wonderful work for us! When our fathers passed away, she did beautiful portraits of them that hang on our walls. They are such tender reminders of great men in our lives. She has done collages of our children as well as decorative clocks and murals. I am stunned by her talent. She individualizes to what you want, adding faces to collages or making retirement memoirs or home decor. She is a joy to work with and adaptable in every way. You won’t be disappointed! Call her… TODAY!

  8. Wendy has done paintings for me to give my dad. She is the best!! I absolutely love Wendy and her work. I am thrilled to write this saying how extraordinary she is.
    Dana Baur.

  9. We met Wendy about 10 years ago when she painted our first set of murals. We were honestly AMAZED at her work! Our oldest boys showed her pictures from their favorite books and she did an incredible job of recreating the characters/scenes bigger than life on their walls. We had her back again to paint superheroes in our playroom, once again we were thrilled. Had her again to paint a castle bed and some scenes from Paris in our daughter’s room. She took multiple pictures from our daughters trip to Paris and combined them into a beautiful mural. Wendy is such a fun person and we enjoyed having her in our home while she was painting. She his very professional and BEYOND talented!! Even 10 years later my kids love their murals and we never tire of the fun they bring to our spaces.

  10. I was changing colors in my living room and asked Wendy to do a large portrait of trees with sparkling snow and sunshine reflected off the trees. When I received the painting, I was astounded at the beautiful job she had done. It was more than I expected. It is my favorite piece of art in my home now. I want to order a clock from her with the same colors she had done. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an original and beautiful piece of artwork. She is extremely talented.

  11. Wendy has done several art projects, and is currently working on a mural in my son’s room. Her work is beyond amazing, and my family and I look forward to seeing her next piece come alive on our walls as we proudly display it all… clocks, montages, painted sayings, and now a wonderful mural! What a gift you have Wendy!

  12. I don’t have any work by Wendy but one day I will! I worked at Northridge for a little while and one of my favorite places to be was Wendy’s classroom! I loved the creative vibes I felt there! I also love seeing what she posts on fb! If you’re looking for a talented artist that will treat you and her work the best, go with Wendy!

  13. Wendy is an incredible artist. She was my teacher in high school, and as a wedding gift painted me a beautiful clock. It’s very striking and usually one of the first things people comment on when they enter my home. They love that it’s beautiful and customized to me in a classy and elegant way. I will definitely be coming here for all my custom art needs and wants!

  14. Wendy is absolutely amazing in every way! I’ve known her for many years from childhood on up. She’s such a pleasant spirit. I have seen her artwork that adorns the walls of her home; such fantastic, unbelieveable drawings. I commissioned her to make me a clock for my father. I texted her a picture with a John Deere tractor & a saying that I liked. She made & painted this for me in a very short time frame & then even managed to have her neighbor who was traveling to Idaho Falls deliver it to me! It turned out beautifully just like I had envisioned!! My father loves it, also! The whole transaction for me was incredibly fast & simple. Wendy, she’s the BEST!!!!

  15. Wendy has done many beautiful paintings for our family. She is so diversified, painting beautiful landscapes, portraits, murals, clocks, and collages. I am happy to recommend her as an extremely talented and capable artist. She will personalize to your specifications and paint her love into your project. I can’t say enough good about Wendy and her God-given talent.

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